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Do More Than Paid Surveys

August 16th, 2015|2 Comments

CashCrate is a legitimate paid survey program, but it’s also much more. Don’t limit yourself to just completing surveys! Branch out a bit and try some of the other money making opportunities CashCrate offers. In my opinion you can actually make more money in less time by focusing solely on completing offers.

There are two different types of offers, paid and free. Paid offers require you to purchase a subscription or item. Free offers are 100% free, and I highly encourage you to only participate in free offers. Paid offers are denoted by the red $ located on the right side of the offer as indicated by the green arrow in the image below.

CashCrate Offers

CashCrate Offers Guide

#1 – Set Filters

Start off by setting the filter towards the top of the page to “100% Free”. You may also change how

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