CashCrate is a legitimate paid survey program, but it’s also much more. Don’t limit yourself to just completing surveys! Branch out a bit and try some of the other money making opportunities CashCrate offers. In my opinion you can actually make more money in less time by focusing solely on completing offers.

There are two different types of offers, paid and free. Paid offers require you to purchase a subscription or item. Free offers are 100% free, and I highly encourage you to only participate in free offers. Paid offers are denoted by the red $ located on the right side of the offer as indicated by the green arrow in the image below.

CashCrate Offers

CashCrate Offers Guide

#1 – Set Filters

Start off by setting the filter towards the top of the page to “100% Free”. You may also change how the offers are sorted on the page, I prefer “Rating”.


Filter Offers

#2 – Offer Requirements

Each offer has specific requirement(s) that must be fulfilled in order to be credited by CashCrate. Read each offer carefully and only do what asked. For example, some offers may only require you to register, but upon completion may ask you to fill out a survey. There’s need to take the survey. Note: The price highlighted in green on the right side of the offer is the amount you will be paid once the completion of the offer has been verified.

#3 – Select An Offer

Once you have read what’s required, click on the image of the offer to the left of the description. This will re-direct or open a new page to where you must fulfill the offer requirements. Once you have completed the offer head back to CashCrate.

#4 – Complete The Offer

Find the offer you completed and click the submit button. As soon as CashCrate verifies the offer has been completed correctly your account will be credited. The verification process can take as long as few minutes to a few days so be patient.


Complete Paid Offer

Generally I prefer offers like the example above, which only require registration and email confirmation. These offers take no time at all to complete and can literally be completed in less than a minute with RoboForm. If you are unfamiliar with RoboForm, or if you are interested in a more complete guide for maximizing your earnings check this out. CashCrate offers more than just legitimate paid surveys, so start getting creative with CashCrate and watch your earnings grow!

CashCrate Guide